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How to book a travel or tour

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Tuesday, 17 March 2009
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To book a travel you'll need first to establish if there is a flight involved. Our tours fights usually have departure from Italy but we can organize you the trip before.
You can also book accommodation, visited tours and trasport for your travel.
The booking steps are:
  • Request for a suggestion and get a quotation
  • You get the travel contract via email which should be reviewed , signed and sent back via fax or scanned attachement (this is necessary for your security)
  • We proceed to the payment with the desired form of payment choose before of the booking
  • We do a detailed booking of all parts of you travel 
  • We send you confirmation of the booking
  • Usually the week before departure you get in digital or print the tickets for your travel via email or postal service (rare)
  • We keep in contact to receive your feedbacks or on-going travel needs including concierge services


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