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Is it possible to change my booking?

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Thursday, 19 March 2009
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This depends from the type of acquired product:

  • Flight
    It depends about the rates.
    Because there are different flight-rates that allow the change of date with a penalty and other flight-rates that do not allow any change.
    Attention, beacuse besides the penalty it must to pay alsothe different of price between 'the acquired-rate' and 'the existing-rate' at the moment of the change.

    The change name is possible only for the low-cost flight with a penalty.

  • Hotel
    It is possible to cancel a hotel's booking with a penalty. This penalty depends directly from hotel.
    In some cases the hotel do not aplly any penalty if it is retracted with wide advance payment.
  • Holiday
    It is depends from different dispositions of the tour operator.

We suggest to do a "travel assurance" (at the moment of booking) that is previews a reimbursement in case it is not possible to partecipate to the travel.
Attention: it is necessary that the reason of the rejection is for illness, with health certificate!


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